Welcome to Orizon International. To all who have shared success stories about our exciting ALKA-V6™ formula, we thank you. Word continues to spread about the health benefits that result from using our ALKA-V6™ supplement.

As a result of the reports from users and their physicians, we have engaged private research laboratories and research universities to examine their results. We are continuing the research needed to unlock all the potential of ALKA-V6™.

At Orizon, we are committed to looking for answers that serve people.

Thank you for being part of the growing number of people who use Safe, Effective & 100% Natural Orizon products. We hope you will continue to purchase ALKA-V6™ as your supplement of choice.


Orizon International, Inc.

ALKA-V6™ Product

ALKA-V6™ is an antioxidant mineral supplement of Modified Liquid Silicate.